Southeast Asian STEM Fair and Exposition 2023 (SEA STEM Fair and Expo 2023)

SEAMEO STEM-ED’s groundbreaking event, the “Southeast Asian STEM Education Fair & Exposition 2023” (SEA STEM Fair and Expo 2023), stands as a beacon for the region’s educational transformation. It is our most ambitious milestone (yet) to have united organizations, schools, teachers, students and stakeholders to showcase how Southeast Asian future generations will prosper in the future. 

Held on the 10th of March 2023 at Pullman Bangkok King Power Hotel, Bangkok, the event comprised of four integral components, seamlessly align with SEAMEO STEM-ED’s visionary goals. The STEM Project Competition provides a dynamic platform for students, fostering creativity and problem-solving while instilling competitiveness and enthusiasm for STEM disciplines. The Capacity Building of Educators component underscores the commitment to empowering teachers, focusing on professional development to ensure they inspire and nurture the next generation of scientists, technologists, engineers, and mathematicians. The STEM Career Academies Programme takes center stage, bridging the gap between education and industry by aligning curricula with high-demanding industries. Lastly, Policy Advocacy emphasises influencing educational policies to create an ecosystem conducive to STEM learning, fostering an environment where STEM education is seamlessly integrated into national frameworks.

In essence, the event symbolises SEAMEO STEM-ED’s unwavering commitment to revolutionizing education, cultivating a generation equipped with the skills and mindset to thrive in an increasingly complex and technology-driven world. The transformative nature of this event stands as a testament to the collective dedication of key partners in shaping the educational landscape of Southeast Asia.

This event was supported by Chevron Corporation and collaborated with key partners such as The HEAD Foundation, National Institute of Education (NIE) Singapore, Temasek Foundation, and VEX Robotics.

Related Programmes

SEAMEO STEM-ED founded a comprehensive initiative to fortify the foundation of STEM education. We conducted a series of impactful webinars on "Problem-Based Learning (PBL)," an instructional methodology that resonates with contemporary educational paradigms.

Fostering computational thinking in the youth is essential for 21st-century skill development. SEAMEO STEM-ED has tailored the initiatives for early exposure, this is to engage primary students in age-appropriate activities, nurturing vital computational thinking skills and harnessing the understanding of Artificial intelligence (AI) concepts.