Round-Table Meeting

The Southeast Asia Primary Learning Metrics (SEA-PLM) 2019 report revealed concerning learning disparities, with up to one in three grade 5 students falling below expected proficiency levels. SEAMEO STEM-ED emphasises collaborative efforts to implement equitable learning strategies, utilizing data for informed policies. 

Recent discussions (among experts) highlighted a lack of integrated STEM education in Southeast Asia. To address this, the center plans round-table meetings, advocating evidence-based policies to fortify STEM education. The goal is to provide educators and policymakers with effective programme evidence in literacy, math, science, and integrated STEM learning.

Past round-table meetings 

Policy Roundtable: Teacher Development

30 April -1 May 2021

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In the pursuit of impactful policies, it is crucial to acknowledge the current shortfall in both quantity and quality of research studies in our region. Recognising this, we facilitate consultations with esteemed research experts to empower regional researchers.

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