Program Effectiveness Research

In the pursuit of impactful policies, it is crucial to acknowledge the current shortfall in both quantity and quality of research studies in our region. Recognising this, we facilitate consultations with esteemed research experts to empower regional researchers. This collaborative effort is aimed at conducting studies that align with international evidence standards. Moreover, our platform serves as a conduit for policymakers to glean insights from globally renowned experts, gaining valuable knowledge about proven programmes that can be readily adopted and adapted.

Focusing on STEM teacher education and STEM career academies, we recognise the critical role these areas play in preparing students for post-secondary education and workforce entry. Our commitment is to fortify this preparation, ensuring students possess a robust foundation in 21st-century skills. Explore our initiatives for a data-driven approach to policy-making and impactful programme adoption.

SEAMEO STEM-ED’s primary focus in ‘Programme Effectiveness Research’ is on empowering regional researchers and policymakers by enhancing their proficiency in rigorous research methods and evidence utilisation. By equipping them with these essential skills, we aspire to facilitate the identification of effective programmes and practices. This, in turn, empowers policymakers to make well-informed decisions and implement impactful nationwide programmes.

A cornerstone of our approach involves continuous consultation with international policy and research experts. This ongoing engagement is designed to fortify the capacities of policymakers and researchers, ensuring a sustained enhancement in their abilities. Join us on this journey to elevate decision-making and drive the implementation of effective programmes at a national scale.

Our project will extend invitations to experts in research and policy domains, fostering collaboration with international and national stakeholders. This collective effort aims to synergise resources for organising impactful activities. These activities are designed to enlighten policymakers and practitioners on utilising evidence for identifying effective policies and programmes.

Research experts will be integral to this initiative, offering mentorship, sharing experiences, and conducting workshops. The consultation process will cover essential aspects such as guiding research questions, design, methodology, and instruments. The experts will also provide feedback on research proposals, advise on data collection, coding, analysis, and reporting, and contribute to the review of draft and final reports with recommendations.

Expected Benefits
The project’s primary outcomes encompass a bolstered research capacity for investigators and enhanced skills for policymakers in evidence interpretation and programme implementation. Generously supported by Chevron Thailand Exploration and Production through Chevron Enjoy Science Phase 2, SEAMEO STEM-ED collaborated with an independent research team. This partnership successfully conducted programme effectiveness studies in teacher professional development, picture books, and career education. Delve deeper into our findings through the following links:

STEM Professional Academies
Link to materials

STEM Career Academies Link to materials

Picture Book Link to materials

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The Southeast Asia Primary Learning Metrics (SEA-PLM) 2019 report revealed concerning learning disparities, with up to one in three grade 5 students falling below expected proficiency levels. SEAMEO STEM-ED emphasises collaborative efforts to implement equitable learning strategies, utilising data for informed policies. 

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