Problem-Based Learning (PBL)

SEAMEO STEM-ED founded a comprehensive initiative to fortify the foundation of STEM education. We conducted a series of impactful webinars on “Problem-Based Learning (PBL),” an instructional methodology that resonates with contemporary educational paradigms. This initiative aims to empower educators, fostering collaborative and inquiry-based learning environments, where students actively engage with real-world problems. Through PBL, we strive to cultivate critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and a passion for lifelong learning among students.

Explore the wealth of knowledge from our previous webinars and access materials curated for transformative learning experiences. Join us in the journey to reshape education through dynamic and student-centered approaches.

Related Programmes

Fostering computational thinking in the youth is essential for 21st-century skill development. SEAMEO STEM-ED has tailored the initiatives for early exposure, this is to engage primary students in age-appropriate activities, nurturing vital computational thinking skills and harnessing the understanding of Artificial intelligence (AI) concepts.

SEAMEO STEM-ED's groundbreaking event, the "Southeast Asian STEM Education Fair & Exposition 2023" (SEA STEM Fair and Expo 2023), stands as a beacon for the region's educational transformation.