Computational Thinking

Fostering computational thinking in the youth is essential for 21st-century skill development. SEAMEO STEM-ED has tailored the initiatives for early exposure, this is to engage primary students in age-appropriate activities, nurturing vital computational thinking skills and harnessing the understanding of Artificial intelligence (AI) concepts.

We found that leveraging coloring books as a tool for computational thinking development adds a creative dimension, engaging learners in problem-solving scenarios while enhancing cognitive skills. The interactive and visual nature of coloring activities complements the hands-on approach, making the learning experience both enjoyable and intellectually stimulating. 

In this regard, SEAMEO STEM-ED, SEAMEO QITEP in Mathematics, SEAMEO RECSAM, SEAMEO SEAMOLEC, University of Tsukuba, University of Chile, and Khon Kaen University have formed a strategic partnership for the project titled “Using Coloring Book to Enhance Unplugged Computational Thinking.” The project aims to address the advent of AI, particularly Large Language Models (LLMs) like ChatGPT, which has significantly transformed the landscape of work and education. The goal is to develop higher competencies that could lead to creating new value in the infrastructural bases for Society 5.0. This includes the competency to live and find one’s own value through humanistically oriented activity in the Digital Society.

The guidebook presents three activity types. “Coloring activities” utilise natural language to cultivate foundational computational thinking skills, pivotal for grasping generative AI and programming logic. “Mathematics activities” stimulate mathematical cognition through varied representations, essential for understanding informatics and beyond. “STEM activities” encourage holistic STEM thinking, empowering children to design, create, and appreciate products utilizing computational, mathematical, and scientific inquiry.

The guidebook is currently undergoing its final review stage for comprehensive refinement and will be unveiled as a manual for teachers. Please follow this page for an update when it is released.

See the video about Guidebook for Unplugged Computational Thinking   

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