Career Academies and Pathways

The ‘Career Academies program’ in ‘Career Education,’ following the American National Career Academy Coalition model, guides students in setting long-term goals within a supportive network, fostering enthusiasm for higher education, reducing dropout rates, and providing real-world exposure. Emphasizing essential occupational knowledge and skills, it facilitates informed decisions about careers at vocational and university levels.

Similarly, ‘Career Pathways,’ aligned with the ‘National Career Cluster Frameworks’ (USA), offers a systematic structure for education and career planning. It groups related careers into clusters and pathways, aiding individuals, educators, and employers in understanding skills needed for specific fields. Revised by SEAMEO STEM-ED, this program enables students to discover interests and choose pathways for success in post-secondary education and career. The framework guides the development of educational programs, curricula, and career guidance strategies, aligning with the needs of various industries and ensuring responsiveness to evolving regional demands.

Related Programmes

A professional career is the ultimate goal educators aim for their students. SEAMEO STEM-ED similarly endeavors to guide students towards a future in the STEM workforce.

Without awareness, it is challenging for individuals, whether policymakers, educators, teachers, or students, to envision their paths. The crucial aspect in this regard is paramount in crafting successful pathways.

STEM Career Professional Development (STEM PD) serves as a foundational element for SEAMEO STEM-ED programme component, ensuring educators stay informed about industry trends to align their teaching with evolving workforce demands.

SEAMEO STEM-ED has long emphasised the strength of collaboration and the transformative power of partnerships in advancing STEM education. Through fostering meaningful alliances with educational institutions, industry experts, and governmental bodies, SEAMEO STEM-ED continues to amplify its impact, creating a dynamic ecosystem that nurtures innovation and excellence in STEM learning. This commitment to collaboration underscores the organisation's dedication to shaping a vibrant and sustainable future for STEM education in the region.

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