At SEAMEO STEM-ED, our dedication to advancing education is exemplified through a suite of dynamic and impactful programs, which serve as one of the foundations of the center. Each initiative is carefully designed to meet the evolving needs of STEM education, fostering the holistic development of individuals and contributing to the advancement of society.

“Using Picture Books to Enhance Critical Thinking and Meaningful Reading”.

SEAMEO STEM-ED acknowledges the fundamental significance of reading and conceptual understanding in education. Recognizing the pivotal role of picture books in enhancing critical thinking and imagination among youth, the center collaborated with global experts, including Professor Kate Montgomery from Columbia University. Through a partnership with Chevron Enjoy Science II, SEAMEO STEM-ED initiated a project utilizing picture books to establish a strong educational foundation for Thai students. This endeavor, titled “Using Picture Books to Enhance Critical Thinking and Meaningful Reading,” seeks to pioneer literacy skills and generate tangible outcomes by integrating diverse expertise.