21st Century Skill Development

The 21st century is a remarkable era for humanity. In education, it undergoes significant changes and transformations. Educators and policymakers must sow the seeds of skills that are not only relevant now but will also be valuable in the future for the youth. SEAMEO STEM-ED, recognizing the paramount importance of 21st-century skills, places a robust emphasis on skill development. Our program initiatives strategically center on teacher development, acknowledging educators as pivotal catalysts for transformative learning experiences. Through our program development, we nurture critical thinking, technological proficiency, and innovative teaching methodologies. The objective is to empower educators as central agents of change, equipped with the essential tools to inspire and guide the next generation of learners. Join us on a journey of continuous professional growth with us, where educators evolve into architects of a future-ready educational landscape.

SEAMEO STEM-ED founded a comprehensive initiative to fortify the foundation of STEM education. We conducted a series of impactful webinars on "Problem-Based Learning (PBL)," an instructional methodology that resonates with contemporary educational paradigms.

Fostering computational thinking in the youth is essential for 21st-century skill development. SEAMEO STEM-ED has tailored the initiatives for early exposure, this is to engage primary students in age-appropriate activities, nurturing vital computational thinking skills and harnessing the understanding of Artificial intelligence (AI) concepts.

SEAMEO STEM-ED's groundbreaking event, the "Southeast Asian STEM Education Fair & Exposition 2023" (SEA STEM Fair and Expo 2023), stands as a beacon for the region's educational transformation.