STEM Professional Development

SEAMEO STEM-ED, in its utmost determination, has dedicated a significant portion of its resources to capacity building. Our STEM Professional Development (PD) programs are grounded in evidence-based practices, providing practical solutions to teaching and contributing to the formulation of effective policies. STEM PD fosters a collaborative effort among various STEM agencies and organizations, with the aim of implementing best practices in teacher education. This page is dedicated to sharing SEAMEO STEM-ED’s journey with our partners. It comprises a compilation of various STEM PD programs overseen throughout the years, including ‘Teacher & Faculty PD,’ ‘School Leader PD,’ ‘Researcher PD,’ ‘Professional Learning Community (PLC),’ and ‘Resources.’

Under the umbrella of STEM PD, Teacher & Faculty PD collaborated with partners such as Chevron Corporation, the Graduate School of Education (GSE) at the University of Pennsylvania, and Michigan State University.

The School Leader programme targets school teachers and personnel, incubating them to strive for and embody traits of effective leadership. SEAMEO STEM-ED affirms that to elevate school standards, strong qualities of its personnel must be extensively forged for growth. This program is a collaboration with the Teachers Council of Thailand (TCT or Kurusapa), where its elements are also validated by Thailand’s Ministry of Education (MOE).

A collaborative programme involving SEAMEO Regional Centre for Education in Science and Mathematics (SEAMEO RECSAM), SEAMEO Center Policy Research Network Summit (CPRN), Teachers Council of Thailand (TCT or Kurusapa), and supported by Chevron Corporation aims to enhance the research capacity of regional researchers. This initiative comprises a series of virtual lectures hosted and organised by SEAMEO STEM-ED, introducing rigorous and effective research methodologies in education.

The Professional Learning Community (PLC) functions as a hub for sharing and exchanging knowledge among educational personnel, playing a critical role in dynamic development and sustaining the implementation process.

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