Chevron Enjoy Science ll

Duration: April 2020 - March 2023

Thailand Partnership Initiative

The “Thailand Partnership Initiative” is a eight-year $35 million public-private partnership program by Chevron Thailand Exploration and Production, Ltd. aimed at strengthening Thailand’s competitiveness and innovation by improving science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education.

Chevron Enjoy Science II



“Phase 2 of this project has the goal of expanding the scale of STEM activities for sustainable STEM development. The operational objectives shall be setup to align with government policies and the project’s core mission.”


  1. To enhance STEM education in the formal and informal education sectors in Thailand;
  2. To build and sustain professional capacity within the education system by working more closely with government agencies and private partners
  3. To build a culture of improvement within the schools
  4. To introduce a college and career readiness program called STEM Career Academies which has been proven in many countries to be a successful intervention to address the skills gap in the STEM workforce
  5. To promote evidence-based policies and practices aimed at high-impact teaching and learning, effective school leadership and instructional supports by varied stakeholders which have been proven to increase student outcomes.



Scope of the project

Phase 2 shall be operated to align with government policies in the following manners

Stakeholders and Beneficiaries


Project Sustainability

The project strives to strong and enduring educational network that will continue to build on and sustain the project’s impact, advocate evidence-based educational reform in Thailand, as well as collaborate with regional governments to strengthen STEM education in the region. As for the researches on the project’s impacts, SEAMEO STEM-ED shall distribute and present them to national and regional policymakers, in order to propel continuous improvement in education system.