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24-08-2023 | 133 views
Bangkok, Thailand ─ Amidst the sultry embrace of July 2023, SEAMEO STEM-ED has opened its doors to four ambitious souls (postgraduates and doctoral students) ─ who dream of becoming a force that will shape the future of education.
In a stride towards fostering the torchbearers of tomorrow's educational landscape, SEAMEO STEM-ED has spread its wings wider. Introducing an enthralling internship program that extends an open invitation to all individuals, transcending the boundaries of race and gender.
This isn't just an opportunity; it's a shared journey of discovery. As participants delve into the intricate workings of educational development organizations, they simultaneously offer their own treasure troves of thoughts, ideas, and boundless imagination ─ envisioning the future's potential.
The acceptance of four Zhejiang University interns began with a courtesy visit, during which SEAMEO STEM-ED and Zhejiang University discussed potential future collaborative programs. It was here that two doctoral students, Ms. Zhang Ning (Joanne) and Ms. Chen Si (Sylvia), along with two postgraduate students, Ms. Fan Rong (Gemma) and Ms. Wang Yuting (Amy), expressed their interest in joining the internship program. Later endorsed by their university, SEAMEO STEM-ED and Zhejiang University mutually concurred that the program would leave a profound imprint on the experience of the four students.
As the internship program takes place (from 24 July 2023 – 11 August 2023), Joanne was assigned to accompany the center’s Research and Evaluation Manager, Mrs. Yaowalak Jittakoat; Sylvia supports the STEM Education Specialist, Ms. Orawan Sriboonruang; Gemma learns from the Administration Manager, Ms. Kansiripak Muangnoycharoen; and Amy takes part in program development under the guidance of the Programme Director, Dr. Kessara Amornvuthivorn.
After three weeks of learning and exchanging ideas and knowledge, here are the testimonials from the four interns:
Gemma, currently a postgraduate in Basic Theory Organisation, highlighted how SEAMEO STEM-ED encourages mutual learning and provides opportunities for women.
"In the SEAMEO STEM-ED family, I have met a group of professionals from all over the world. This includes passionate and open-minded youngsters, as well as several accomplished career women, who are always willing to communicate and offer assistance to support me. The family-like culture makes SEAMEO STEM-ED an inclusive place where everyone can be treated fairly and equally, as SEAMEO STEM-ED embraces diversity, tolerates differences, and encourages mutual learning among one another."
Joanne, a doctoral student in Educational Technology, shared her unforgettable memory.
"You can ask for help from others without any pressure because the SEAMEO STEM-ED staff are both patient and welcoming. You don't have to worry about making mistakes because they are as inclusive as possible. Depending on your educational background and research interests, SEAMEO STEM-ED has assigned tasks according to each individual's interest so that we can learn about various technologies, knowledge, and skills related to our own future research. We worked together, laughed together, and grew together. I must say, it's an unforgettable memory for me."
Sylvia, another doctoral student also majoring in Educational Technology, emphasized the international academic experience.
"Working with the Programme Director, I believe that being an intern here means gaining international academic experience. We have the opportunity to understand the development and practice of trending topics in education across different countries. Moreover, to a greater extent, we have the chance to participate in local teaching and learning activities. I find this to be a highly intriguing experience, and I feel that I have received substantial academic support here, as the staff is consistently welcoming and open to all forms of academic communication."
Amy, a postgraduate student in Comparative Education, recalled learning about work ethics.
"I think I learned a lot about how to conduct good teamwork. The first aspect is about managing time (you should be on time and never miss the deadline). The second is communication skills (you should communicate with your team and update; you should keep them informed because, in this way, you can make sure the things you are doing now are in the right direction ─ and this will also greatly improve the quality of your work). And the third thing is about presenting your work in a more efficient way, just try to pick out the most interesting part. Last but not least, I think we should be adaptable and flexible in our work. Sometimes we need to sacrifice a little bit when it is needed because we have a team. All of these, I think, are very useful soft skills for me if I want to be more professional in my future career."
SEAMEO STEM-ED's forthcoming internship program is set to recommence soon. It's crucial to acknowledge that the program's duration depends on various factors, yet one constant objective remains unwavering: the cultivation of fervent talents destined to shape the future.
Zhejiang University, located in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China, stands as one of the country's oldest and most prestigious institutions of higher learning. With a rich history dating back to its establishment in 1897, the university has consistently upheld a tradition of academic excellence and innovation.
Renowned for its comprehensive range of academic programs, Zhejiang University offers a diverse array of disciplines spanning natural sciences, engineering, social sciences, humanities, and the arts. The university's commitment to research and development is evident through its cutting-edge laboratories, centers, and institutes, contributing to advancements in various fields.
More information about Zhejiang University: https://www.zju.edu.cn/english/
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