ArTec Robo Workshop: Programming Activity to Develop Mathematical Thinking at Kindergarten and Primary School Levels
20-12-2022 | 286 views
17 December 2022 ─ SEAMEO STEM-ED in partnership with the University of Tsukuba and ศูนย์วิทยาศาสตร์เพื่อการศึกษา ท้องฟ้าจำลองกรุงเทพ (Science Centre for Education) hosted an onsite workshop titled “ArTec Robo Workshop: Programming Activity to Develop Mathematical Thinking at Kindergarten and Primary School Levels” ─ highlighting how to shape students’ learning process in programming and mathematics in a systematic and creative way ─ by utilizing Artec Robo kit (a programming kit comprised of blocks, sensors, motors, and software to make customizable robots).
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In partnering with the University of Tsukuba, Japan’s renowned public research university that possessed a long and distinguished history in the Japanese university system with three Nobel Prize laureates served as either president or faculty ─ Prof. Dr. Isoda Masami, who is also a distinguished mathematician from Tsukuba University gave a presentation on the essence of mathematics and how it is a core subject in computational thinking.
From giving a history of mathematics to the nature of human character information, Prof. Masami drew a clear distinction that mathematics serves great value to optimize the rational and functional thinking of students stating “the process of programming and computational thinking can be explained by mathematical thinking and values.”
During the “Robot Programming with Mathematics Thinking” session, Artec Robo learning system was introduced to the participants, as Prof. Masami demonstrated different components of this education kit can facilitate, elicit critical thinking and foster the creativity of the students.
Meanwhile, the discussion session where the school executives, curriculum designers, and educators participated voiced how computational thinking and the importance of how the integration of computer programming and mathematics could remain at the forefront of the education revolution to STEM education.
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The participants who joined the workshop were from The Institute for the Promotion of Teaching Science and Technology (IPST), National Science Museum (NSM), National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA), Office of the Basic Education Commission (OBEC), Mahidol University, and Science Center for Education.
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