Towards Ecological Civilisation: Education for Sustainable Rural

Time : 15:00PM - 19:00PM

Be a part of ‘Ecological Civilisation’ through the China-Southeast Asian Symposium’s “Towards Ecological Civilisation: Education for Sustainable Rural” webinar ─ organized by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization International Research and Training Centre for Rural Education (UNESCO INRULED) on December 15th – 16th, 2022 (from 14:00 PM to 18:00 Beijing Time or 15:00 PM to 19:00 Bangkok Time).

According to The World Bank’s statistics in 2020, 44% of the world’s population resides in rural areas, and particularly for low- and middle-income countries this number could lead up to 58%. Implications from such habitat have allowed individuals to exploit resources and progress through global development. However, rapid modernization and urbanization have intensified the duality of the environment and human society ─ inciting more competition for limited resources (both material and non-material), as well as excessive resource exploitation and destructive development patterns which put environmental and cultural heritage at risk.

Given the information, this symposium is organized as a means to combat rural resources and ecological exploitations by enhancing the international community’s understanding of sustainable rural development. Participants will take part in a movement to strengthen the relationship between humans and nature, self-development, and society ─ echoing the 5Ps (People, Planet, Prosperity, Peace, and Partnership) of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In addition, from the framework of ecological civilisation, participants will discuss and exchange topics of “policy in practice”, “university and local actions”, and “youth on the move” ─ which ultimately global consensus for systematic change in rural areas could be identified.

Meanwhile, in the midst of the upcoming future, the youth is considered the fundamental group in how rural development will transform ─ thus the second day of the webinar (December 16th) will be dedicated to the youth’s participation and “A Call to Youth-led Actions: Promoting Sustainable Rural Development Towards Ecological Civilisation” will be launched.


- Promoting understanding of sustainable rural development from the perspective of ecological civilization through ideas exchanges

- Raising awareness of the role and impact of education in promoting balanced and harmonious economic, social, environmental, and cultural development in rural areas

- Sharing policies and practices in education for sustainable rural development from different countries and social organization actions

- Co-developing solutions to reach a consensus on the promotion of education for sustainable rural development

- Building partnerships and establishing a global network through extensive partnership building

The UNESCO International Research and Training Centre for Rural Education (UNESCO INRULED) was established by UNESCO and the Chinese government in 1994 with a mandate to promote sustainable socio-economic development in rural areas.

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