STEM Project Competition

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📢✨The deadline for STEM "Project Competition" is approaching and we highly encourage you to participate in this exciting opportunity.



STEM Project Competition is a part of the STEM Fair and Exposition 2023 (an exposition founded to showcase and push forward STEM education in the Southeast Asia region) which is organized to enhance the problem-solving skills of individuals using STEM-integrated knowledge.



The competition allows students (with the teacher’s supervision) to identify one STEM-related problem or challenge and propose, build/develop, as well as present a solution.




After identifying one STEM-related problem or challenge (that can be solved with a budget of $300 USD or less), students will propose, build, develop and test a solution to their problems.



For the problem or challenge identified students must:

🔴 Apply scientific investigation

🔴 Integrate an engineering design practice with a supporting test

🔴 Demonstrate the use of research and/or data collection and analysis to find out more about the problem

🔴 Demonstrate how STEM is used or related to solving the problem

🔴 Provide a prototype or model (a prototype is a “full-size” working representation of the solution to the problem or challenge. A model is often a “smaller” detailed non-working representation of the solution to the problem or challenge and is used to illustrate how the problem or solution could be solved)

🔴 Prepare a short presentation about the project solution (photographs and/or videos are encouraged)




🔴Engage and connect with professionals, community, and industry experts

🔴Exposed to entrepreneurship

🔴Enhance communication, problem-solving, critical thinking, and creative thinking skills

🔴Enrich STEM knowledge and education

🔴Showcase and recognition of your work

🔴Exposed to civic and entrepreneurship mindsets

🔴300 USD prize for winners


*Winners will have the opportunity to present their projects at STEM Fair and Expo 2023 which will be held on March 10, 2023, at Pullman Bangkok King Power (Bangkok, Thailand)



Competition Open: October 1, 2022 - January 27, 2023

Review of Entries: End of January 2023

Notification of Entry Status/Finalists: February 3, 2023



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