SEAMEO STEM-ED and Partners to Host the 4th Integrated STEM Leadership Summit in Asia

Bangkok, Thailand – SEAMEO STEM-ED, in collaboration with CISTEM, UNILAB Foundation, and other partners, is proud to announce the 4th Integrated STEM Leadership Summit in Asia. This prestigious event is scheduled to take place from June 11-13, 2024, at the Radisson Blu Plaza in Bangkok, Thailand. The summit will focus on "Navigating the AI Revolution: Equipping Asia's Workforce and Learners for the Future," bringing together experts from across the globe to discuss the future of education and workforce preparedness in the era of artificial intelligence.

The 2024 summit aims to provide a platform for educators, policymakers, industry leaders, and innovators to explore the transformative impacts of AI and other emerging technologies on STEM education and career pathways. With an emphasis on practical outcomes and collaborative ventures, the event seeks to shape educational practices and policies that will prepare Asia’s workforce for the demands of the future economy.

Keynote Speakers from Diverse Fields

This year's lineup of keynote speakers includes notable figures such as Vijay Kumar from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, who will share insights on teaching with AI. Cynthia Breazeal, also from MIT, will delve into AI curriculum development, highlighting the crucial role of structured learning paths in AI education. Charles Gemars, a NASA astronaut, will share his experiences and discuss the broad possibilities that STEM careers offer.

Additional talks will include "Cybersecurity as a Career of the Future" by Keith Swanson from Arizona State University, and an exploration of "Future Careers in the New Space Economy" by Patompop Suwansiri from Thaicom. These sessions will highlight critical areas where STEM education can integrate with emerging industries to foster a robust and future-ready workforce.

A Collaborative Effort for a Brighter Future

SEAMEO STEM-ED and its partners have been at the forefront of STEM education across Southeast Asia. "The organization of this summit reflects our commitment to enhancing STEM education and addressing the challenges of the digital age," said Kritsachai Somsaman, a representative of SEAMEO STEM-ED. "We are dedicated to developing innovative learning resources and strategies that benefit not only Thailand but the entire Southeast Asian region."

The summit also underscores the importance of international cooperation and knowledge exchange in STEM education. Through discussions, workshops, and networking opportunities, participants will gain new perspectives and tools to implement in their respective fields and communities.

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