The 4th Integrated STEM Leadership Summit in Asia

11-13 June 2024
Radisson Blu Plaza, Bangkok, Thailand

The AI revolution holds immense potential for innovation and efficiency, but it also raises significant concerns. These include potential job displacement, skill mismatches, and the crucial need to transform educational paradigms to equip future generations with the necessary skill sets.

The urgency of this focus is further underscored by the recent PISA 2022 results, which revealed concerningly low scores in several Southeast Asian countries. This highlights the need for immediate and comprehensive action to address existing educational gaps and ensure that the region’s workforce is adequately prepared for the demands of the AI era.

The upcoming summit, “Navigating the AI Revolution: Equipping Asia’s Workforce and Learners for the Future,” serves as a critical platform for dialogue and collaboration. It aims to bring together educators, policymakers, industry leaders, and technology experts to foster a comprehensive understanding of AI’s impact, explore innovative educational practices, and develop effective strategies for integrating AI into education and workforce development.

By uniting diverse stakeholders, the summit seeks to chart a course for a future where AI strengthens educational outcomes, drives economic growth, and fosters sustainable development across Asia and beyond.

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Summit Agenda: Provisional Programme


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