About the Journal

SEAMEO STEM-ED’s Vision is to be a regional research and capacity building centre of excellence for STEM Education that advocates and supports evidence-based policy and practice. It’s Mission includes:

   Advocating evidence-based policy research in STEM education and providing policy recommendations
   Developing the capacity of educational personnel and policymakers
   Enriching regional STEM learning units by leveraging existing resources
   Building networks and partnerships of policymakers, professionals, practitioners, and private sectors

The SEAMEO STEM-ED Centre started operations as of November 1st, 2019, and had since begun its mission of uplifting the capacity and capabilities of STEM Education in the Southeast Asian region. With the assistance of our widespread networks, including member and affiliate countries, public and private institutions, or even non-profit educational influencers, SEAMEO STEM-ED affirms its commitment to the advancement of STEM education.

Learn more about the STEM-ED centre at seameo-stemed.org

Learn more about the SEAMEO at seameo.org

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