22 NOVEMBER 2021

Event Name : Chevron-SEAMEO Best Practices Forum: STEM Career Academies
Time : 18:00PM - 21:00PM

SEAMEO STEM-ED Centre with support from Chevron Corporation  initiate a free of charge online workshop in the topic of 'Chevron-SEAMEO Best Practices Forum: STEM Career Academies' with an aim to encourage more attention to evidence in making policies and share best practices in implementing effective Career Academies program.

We would like to invite regional educators, education policymakers, researchers, key players from industry and education stakeholders to participate in a virtual workshop. We accept up to 1,000 participants and will provide an e-certification for participation.

For more information, please contact Mr. Thundanai Yoosamran,
email: Thundanaiy@seameo-stemed.org or Mr. Nuntawut Pimpaeng, email: Nuntawutp@seameo-stemed.org

Registration link:

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