17 DECEMBER 2022

Event Name : ArTec Robo Workshop: Programming Activity to Develop Mathematical Thinking at Kindergarten and Primary School Levels
Time : 08:30AM - 16:00PM

SEAMEO STEM-ED is partnering with the University of Tsukuba and the Science Centre for Education to host a workshop titled “ArTec Robo Workshop: Programming Activity to Develop Mathematical Thinking at Kindergarten and Primary School Levels” ─ to shape how students learn programming and mathematics in a systematic and creative way with Artec Robo (a programming kit comprised of blocks, sensors, motors, and software to make customizable robots). The workshop will provide teachers, educators, and policymakers insights into how to craft frameworks and design programming activities in the classrooms without teaching programming language.

The workshop will be held on December 17th, 2022 from 8:30 AM to 16:00 PM at the Natural and Environment Building, Science Center for Education, 7th floor. In this workshop, participants will meet an eminent Japanese mathematics professor, Dr. Isoda Masami from the University of Tsukuba.


  • Share APEC and SEAMEO frameworks for designing programming activities in classrooms WITHOUT teaching programming language
  • Address problems in mathematics classrooms and develop skills and solutions to them
  • Develop teachers’ skills in robotic programming and mathematical thinking

University of Tsukuba is a renowned public research university located in Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan. The university possessed a long and distinguished history in the Japanese university system. At Tsukuba, three Nobel Prize laureates have served as either president or faculty.

ArTec Co., Ltd. is Japan’s leading educational arts and crafts manufacturer founded in 1960. ArTec produced over 10,000 products to pioneer learning experiences in computer science, robotic programming, science, technology, and mathematics with a mission to ─ “provide the tools to draw out a child's creative spirit."

Location: 7th Floor, Natural and Environment Building, Science Center for Education, Bangkok, Thailand

Registration: https://forms.gle/zY7xAedhZrWKM765A

More about ArTec: https://www.artec-kk.co.jp/en/

More about University of Tsukuba: https://www.tsukuba.ac.jp/en/


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11th floor, Natural and Environmental Bldg., Science
Center for Education, 928 Sukhumvit Road, Khlong
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